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Stripped-back yoga

Stripped-back Yoga is not a book on how to do yoga. Long-time yoga teacher Julia Thorley has collected her thoughts on what she has learned on her mat. Some of the pieces are about practical aspects of yoga and others are a bit ranty, because there’s a lot about the modern yoga world that rubs her fur the wrong way. Her opinions are not always humble and may well make you cross, but some should raise a smile and might give you pause for thought.

Take a comfy seat – it doesn’t have to be in the Lotus position – and make up your own mind.

Stripped-back Yoga is available direct from 3P Publishing here.

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About Julia Thorley

I am originally from Staffordshire, but I'm based in Northamptonshire, a county I'm happy to call home. I write and edit articles and features for non-fiction magazines, journals and books. On the fiction front, I have won prizes in local and national competitions, including through Writing Magazine, the Association of Freelance Writers and the H E Bates Short Story Competition.

I offer freelance editorial support to a wide range of clients, on books, magazines and other published projects, including websites: origination and copywriting; editing; proofreading; project management; crosswords and other puzzles; UK/American English co-editions; and competition judging.

I am an author and a member of the Association of Freelance Writers, the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists, Northants Authors, Corby Collective Poets and am a trustee of Deep Roots Tall Trees.

Not only that, but I can also sing a little, dance a little, play the piano and the ukulele, and sit in the Lotus position, though not necessarily all at the same time.