Julia Thorley


Publications and projects
Nine Lives: monologues and first-person stories for reading aloud is now live in Amazon's Kindle store here.

'Meet the cast: a no-nonsense woman in her 60s who has a brush with authority; a down-at-heel private eye; a weary young mother from times past; a Victorian businessman afraid of progress; an Edwardian woman with her heart set on romance; a young man struggling with life; a teenage girl badly let down; a very special make-up artist; and a young mum who gets the last laugh. Each has a story to tell.'

If you would like to buy a copy of the paperback edition, please contact me for details.

Scoring an Own Goal in Tennis: A short story is available from the Kindle Store here.

Lifelong chums Bob and Tommy love a bet: nothing big, just a bit a fun really. The trouble is, the luck never seems to go Tommy’s way, until one day a sporting challenge presents itself. Could Tommy finally get one over on Bob?

NEW TITLE The Harmonium's Last Chord - available from the Kindle store

The Little Guide to Teaching Yoga in a Gym - available from the Kindle Store

Pregnant and Fit with Sharron Davies, Partridge Press

Simple Conjuring Tricks for Everyone, Foulsham

100 Reasons to be Positive, Four Seasons

100 Reasons to be Confident, Four Seasons

100 Reasons to be Thankful, Four Seasons

100 Reasons to be Generous, Four Seasons

Included in Onward Writing Anthology

COMING SOON Stripped-back Yoga in association with 3P Publishing.